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About Us

Born in Barcelona, Since 1999

Our passion borders on obsession - MSC Bikes was born in 1999, a bike company dedicated to designing and developing products with the best quality and performance.

With four UCI awarded titles of "Team of the year", the experience of our competition team is fundamental to the MSC Bikes design process.  

Each bike frame, each component passes through a detailed product development cycle. Our engineers continually push the limits of design and materials science in order to craft the best bikes and components in the industry. Guaranteed 100% designed and engineered in Spain.  

We are the few companies that own our own factory in Taiwan, this gives us the opportunity to design products of the highest quality. Our components are the best in class, highest value and the highest quality you will find in the bicycle industry. Our lifelong experience in creating and producing components that meets the needs of the most discerning bike riders.

Take a look around, you will be sure to find something that suits!